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Captivating the hearts & minds of audience members, Marshall’s strong stories leave them with his inspirational message long after the presentation is over. His story is enthralling, his honesty & humility are inspiring, and his entertaining nature provides everyone the opportunity to reconsider the Strength and impact of their own stories on the world. 

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Hard losses, spectacular wins, and world records - Marshall shows that his mind-body connection is always moving toward the outcome of a Champion. As an international strength athlete, Marshall competed worldwide in Highland Games and Strongman. Marshall took these skills and knowledge of sport, athletes, and coaching to host over 750 international live sporting events. Continuing with that Championship mindset, he was inspired to create, produce and host 220 episodes of the first international Strongman television series, viewed by 4.6 million people worldwide.



“Strong in Body, Stronger in Mind” Marshall speaks to participants about the mind and body connection and the power of focus with an original method of communicating his message. For the last thirty years, Marshall has shared stories and lessons of strength to enhance his audiences’ drive to achieve personal growth. Driving the message home with incredible tests of physical and mental strength are empowering. “Strong in body, Stronger in mind.”



As a speaking and storytelling coach, Marshall understands how to ask clients the right questions, to extract specifics from their lives. By editing the process together discovering and preparing your story for whatever medium you’re envisioning. We enhance our speaking expertise and our ability to influence our groups in the same way we improve as athletes or musicians - through attention to detail, focused feedback, and a genuine desire to improve. Clients reflect on their life experiences and update their worldviews continuously, telling the stories that explain their points of view. When describing their personal stories, they are simultaneously inspiring others and rekindling their passion.



Marshall has hosted AGM's, product launches and new business openings. As a “strong” host, who is a “Master of Ceremonies” Marshall will take care of introductions and ensure the agenda flows. He will also link different topics and speakers to make certain the meeting stays on track. He entertains all audiences with stories, facts, and history related to the event, bringing life to the people, place, and purpose of your occasion.

Marshall would be honored to add strength and lasting memories to meetings and events. 



  As an athlete, speaker, and storyteller, Marshall has traveled the world and shared his stories with tens of thousands of youth. “The World’s Strongest Dad” is his first book, but four more books are in the works! The second book, “The Legend of Great Uncle Arthur” is currently being illustrated. The goal is simple, to share more stories with children everywhere about being strong in body and stronger in mind. Marshall inspires youth to rework their ideas about limitations and potential. “If your mind can conceive it and your spirit can believe it, your body can do it” That is the heart of Marshall’s message to youth.

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The impression we make on others matters because it establishes a sense of connection and trust. It creates a solid foundation from which all things are possible. A lousy first impression results in resistance and defensiveness due to mistrust. This session will help to turn around the impressions you leave with others, which may have been imprisoning your potential and unconsciously sabotaging progress. With a new set of tools to override these involuntary reactions, you’ll be able to present “A Strong Impression” and achieve the personal success and business you want.

Key Take-Aways and Tools: 

* Be more confident and influential

* Create more powerful connections 


* Provide direction and leadership

* Know what to say under pressure




Whether you’re just speaking at a wedding, coaching, managing a small team, or presenting in front of thousands, most speakers hold back. In this keynote, you learn to embrace your own story and learn how to share it with the world. Marshall works with individuals and businesses across the globe,  takes ownership of the room, and delivers outstanding results. Teaching audiences how to leave A Strong Impression through their story, will impact their communication effectively in any situation.  Conquer your nerves, and grow your confidence, increase your authority and physical presence, flex your style to suit any audience. Speak to people’s hearts as well as their minds.

     Key Take-Aways and Tools: 

* Grow your confidence


* Increase your voice and physical presence


* Grow your story to suit any audience


 * Speak to impact hearts and challenge minds         




After the contract is confirmed, a team member will send you a pre-event questionnaire. The Team would then like to interview people who will be attending the event to impact as many participants as possible. A wider variety of people leads to a better understanding of the group. Marshall's international travel and interactions with so many different companies and groups of people give him a vast knowledge of topics, cultures, and situations he can share with you. One of the reoccurring comments from Marshall’s clients is how he can connect with his audience directly, at every level.

Key Take-Aways and Tools:

* The pre-event questionnaire and interviews are added insurance that this experience and knowledge is directed to your event.

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Marshall the Speaker

Marshall the Speaker

During any event, the most crucial person in the room is you.
I understand and work in collaboration with you and your team to ensure the content is relevant and resonates with your outcome. I have dedicated myself full time to bringing my message to audiences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I help break through the boundaries that are limiting you and your team, each participant will be ready to shape their future. A STRONG IMPRESSION ... How will you how leave yours?

Marshall the Speaker

Marshall the Speaker

Marshall the Speaker

As an award-winning speaker and innovator, I will bring new ideas and connections to your next event. Contact us, and we can design a workshop or presentation that is customized for you to leave with A STRONG IMPRESSION.  

As a television producer/ host, speaker, facilitator, and coach, I spent the first part of my career immersed in discovering and sharing other's stories. I now bring that expertise of storytelling to each audience, weaving a narrative to support meaningful changes in the way you share your Strong story to the world.


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